Monday, April 25, 2016

Nanaimo Jazz Duo Win Monterey Jazz Festival

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Nanaimo Alto Saxophone and Drum Duo
first Canadians to win Monterey's Next Generation Festival

The jazz duo of Kenton Dick and Ethan Olynyk of Wellington Secondary School were in California from April 8 - 10 performing at the famous Monterey's Next Generation Festival showcasing 1300 student musicians, most of whom are American.
They became the first Canadian, and in fact, the first international group to win at the Next Generation Festival. They took home first place in the High School Combo division and each won an outstanding soloist award.
In a CBC news story their teacher, Carmella Luvisotto says that Dick and Olynyk have something special. "Usually you have musicians come through music programs that are great and wonderful but never two at the same time who can challenge each other to the way these two boys have," she said.


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