Saturday, April 09, 2016

On-site Fire Investigation Now Complete

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Structure fire investigation shifts to interview and analysis phase

Nanaimo Fire Investigators have completed the physical portion of the investigation on site and will now shift into the interview and analysis phase.  Those final stages of the investigation could take more than a week to complete.  Investigators have a long list of people to interview which will assist them in analyzing the physical evidence gathered from the scene itself. 

Over the last week, Nanaimo Fire Investigators worked cooperatively with the building representatives and their agents to reach this point in the investigation.  Yesterday morning, jurisdiction of the building was transferred back to the owners who will determine the structure's future and continue to assist their tenants.

The cause of the fire is not yet determined and it could be more than a week before it will be known.

"This is one of our largest fire investigations in some time.  We know that everyone wants to learn the cause of the fire and our objective is to ensure a full and comprehensive investigation occurs inclusive of all parties involved."  -  Craig Richardson Fire Chief 


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