Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Walk In The Park - Bowen Park That Is

Hailey's Rhododendron grove in all it's splendor

With Nanaimo enjoying near-summerlike weather me missus and I went to one of our favourite spots in the city to check out the Rhodo grove in Bowen Park. This year, our timing was near perfect with most bushes sporting a full coat of blossom. Some have come and gone, and still there are more to come, so the show will be on for sometime yet, but I wouldn't recommend leaving your visit for too long.

In addition to the rhodo's themselves there are many other good reasons to visit Bowen Park right now including many of the other natural delights to be enjoyed there. The meadow across from the rhodo grove was a sea of pinks and purples being carpeted by wildflowers by the hundreds of thousands (or more) and of course the babbling, cooling river is always worth some time well spent letting it soothe the soul and calm the mind.

Bowen Park, definitely one of Nanaimo's gems, right in the middle of town. This weekend promises some more of that summerlike weather, and the rhodos are calling your name. Can you hear them??


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