Monday, May 02, 2016

Emergency Preparedness Week - Are You Ready?

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"Emergency Preparedness Week is a reminder of the unpredictability of emergency situations and the importance of being prepared as individuals and as a community. In a disaster affecting a community, some services we take for granted might be unavailable for several days or even longer. Families should be prepared to take care of themselves at the very minimum for 72 hours, however, due to Nanaimo's location on an island it is recommended that we all prepare for 7 days." - Karen Lindsay Emergency Program Manager City of Nanaimo 



  1. I recently emailed the team manager to see if Nanaimo has a preferred radio setting, or station etc… for use in emergencies. I never got an answer---kinda lame !

  2. On CBC-TV a resident of Fort McMurray said the local radio stations there were playing music yesterday while the biggest evacuation in that province's history was underway. That was the same here, except for a small traffic advisory while the recent downtown Nanaimo fire was burning.

    Seems gone are the days with live wall-to-wall coverage (even though we have cell phones and immediate technology now) when Larry Thomas would have been talking and interviewing people and officials at the scene without, it seemed, taking a breath!

    And what about the city's emergency call system??? It was not used here during the downtown fire - so why have...or pay for it with our taxes?


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