Thursday, May 12, 2016

Island Corridor Foundation - Open & Transparent?

Photo: screengrab ICF website
AVICC Island Corridor Foundation Resolution
conduct a financial and governance review

At the recent AVICC conference held in Nanaimo a resolution was passed with regards the Island Corridor Foundation, the motion was endorsed at the conference.

It says in part:

..... the costs to local governments to support the ICF continue to be significant:

Therefore be it resolved that AVICC work with impacted local governments and the ICF board to conduct a financial and governance review of the Island Corridor Foundation.

For discussion June 17/16

I inquired of the AVICC as to what action was being taken with regards this motion and received the following reply:

The AVICC Executive Committee’s next meeting will be June 17th and this will be one of the items discussed. The AVICC only has one part-time staff member, so would not be able to conduct a review in house, and will be looking at alternatives.

It would appear that if the stakeholders up and down Vancouver Island were looking for a mechanism to see exactly what the future prospects look like for the ICF and how they are using the significant tax dollars at their disposal; their answers won't be forthcoming any time soon.

Salaries, administration and legal = $356,000
Maintenance = $32,000

The ICF budget for 2016 shows revenues of nearly $620,000 from which salaries of $196.000 and administration fees of $60,000 and legal fees of $100,000 are paid. There is only $32,000 allocated for maintenance.



  1. You know, I was going to grouse on about Nanaimo's inability to do….
    to just 'do'.

    but I give up :-(

  2. It's very "through the looking glass". This agency is owned by municipalities who are supposed to be interested in openness and transparency and who are obligated to these principles re financial disclosure??? This $200k staff member's sole job is to spend millions more taxpayers dollars on a never ending quest which so far has accomplished that and nothing else.

  3. And the remaining $232-thousand listed as revenue ($620,000 minus the $388,000) is where?



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