Saturday, May 07, 2016

Meaningful Public Input Or Biased Baloney?

The above post appears as a 'sponsored' thread on Facebook obviously coming from our PM Justin Trudeau. Presumably, your tax dollars at work.

There are several things about this that are examples of manipulating the outcome before you even get started.

The only data that will be the result of this campaign is a number of people saying "YES I DO" to the question of whether you support action on climate change. Note, there is no "NO I DON'T" button, nor anyway to offer qualified answers.

The preamble to the survey points to the pride we all take in our national parks and asks if we think they should be protected.

This is a textbook example of manipulating the outcome before you even start. The only data this will gather is that XXXXXXX number of Canadians think the government needs to take action (not defined) on climate change.


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