Thursday, May 05, 2016

Nanaimo Lost Out To Hope, Squamish & Port Alberni

Tap Water Quality Challenge

At the recent Water and Waste Association conference held in Whistler 13 community's water was tested for overall quality and while all samples were said to be exceptionally good Hope took top honors this year.

A panel of "aqualiers" judged tap water from the different communities based on appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, aftertaste and overall impression to declare the winning water.

While this is an event designed to raise the awareness of the excellent quality of water most of us simply take for granted when we turn on the tap, it was a legitimate test for overall quality.

The first year of the challenge Kelowna took top honors, the second year it was Chilliwack and this year it is Hope, followed closely by Squamish and Port Alberni.

Maybe next year, we should try taking a sample 'before' it goes through the primary and secondary filtration at our water treatment plant to see how we do?


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  1. well I would rather have primary and secondary filtered, state of the art clean water, than subjectively judged H2O, by a panel of lower mainland judges, thank you !


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