Monday, May 02, 2016

Nanaimo Water Put To The Test

Tap Water Challenge 

At the BC Water and Waste Associations' conference this week in Whistler, Nanaimo's water will be tested against 15 other communities in the province.

A team of folk with very refined pallets will be judging water samples to determine which community will capture the 'Best of the Best' tap water in 2016. Kelowna won the competition in 2014 and will be competing but last year's winner, Chiliwack will be out of the running.

The other communities should be at a serious disadvantage as our water now is being filtered by a state of the art membrane filter system which is said to be on the cutting edge of water treatment.

Only time will tell if our new filtration system, while removing all known-to-man contaminants will also remove all of the minerals and other good stuff that a discerning pallet is apt to find missing,  


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