Friday, May 06, 2016

Nanaimo's Orphan Corner - Townsite & Millstone

No-man's land

Townsite and Millstone
no-man's land

The above pic was taken yesterday at the corner of Townsite Rd. and Millstone Ave. in front of the little plaza on the corner.

While the lot looks like it belongs to the mall owner, it is actually owned by the City of Nanaimo and I think could be used to add a turn lane at that intersection if ever needed.

If memory serves a few years ago the city had approached a neighbourhood group that expressed some interest in using the corner for some sort of community garden. That idea never got any traction and we now have what we have on this corner.

The corner at one time had been covered completely with spreading junipers which had become a trap for all manner of garbage and debris, and in fact had added to the local rodent population. After finally removing the junipers, it seems this project fell off the side of someone's desk and it has been forgotten.

I suspect, if this were part of the mall owners property the city would have given them one of those unsightly property notices with 30 days to clean it up or else!. I guess, when the owner is the city, the bylaw enforcement folk, just overlook it??

The corner itself presents some challenges as simply planting grass isn't much of a solution, and spending thousands on some grand landscaping scheme isn't likely a good use of tax dollars. Likely the best long term solution, would be give the property to the mall owner, and let them look after it?

I sent off an email to Mr. Harding at the city whom I am sure will see the matter gets the attention it deserves.


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