Monday, May 02, 2016

Suggestion For Bigger Better Nanaimo Market

A good Idea??

A regular Nanaimo Info Blog reader offered the following suggestion as a way to create a bigger, better night market than what Nanaimo currently has to offer. There seems some sound ideas here but as with all good sounding ideas, only when they face the test of the market can they be proven.

I wonder if any entrepreneurial types will take the idea and do something with it? The suggestion said something like:

Pick a spot, with lots of parking, amalgamate Nanaimo's markets into one--- bring in more stalls, no annoying 'entertainment', some good food trucks, and run all day and into the evening, one day a week

Then sit back and watch the townsfolk come. A real, down to earth market! 



  1. grand idea !!!

  2. Well if we can sustain the Martha Stewart wannabe markets we currently have, I am sure we can sustain a real one. Out by the agricultural building is perfect spot. we have a functioning market there already.

  3. Good idea, particularly getting rid of the "entertainment".


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