Monday, June 06, 2016

A 'Thank You' ....... made me smile

I got the following email the other day from a Nanaimo Info Blog reader that has signed up for the email subscription option that sends the new articles daily via email. It put a smile on my face knowing that some of my efforts are appreciated as a means of keeping up with local events.

I also smiled at the wry comments regards the mystery that is City Hall and the slumber that seems to pervade the local electorate, except at election time. I also note her appreciation for the photos of Dale Schulz and how they brighten her world.

I am pleased Eileen enjoys the effort and wish her many years of continued enjoyment.

Whoever you are? and  in charge of sending me the daily Nanaimo news I wish to say a BIG thank you. Since we lost the Daily News I feel we are isolated from what makes this city work. You are filling in a gap reporting daily to me.

.All my former e mail companions are now tweeting and twittering somewhere and have forgotten how to e mail.

Yours at least turns up for me in the morning. I am well advanced in age but love to keep up with all the news local and world wide.

City Hall continues to be a mystery to me! but the apathy of the most I encounter makes it possible for them  to remain out of focus with people.Who  really cares I wonder.? They all might awake for their slumber next election time then  return whence they came.

Thank you!, please continue informing us with up to date news and of course The man with his dog, Dale, the bright and light spot in this dull world. In 1940 I attended Art school his pictures capture the city well. cheers Eileen.


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  1. Ditto from me Jim. Thank you for your efforts and a big thank you to Dale for his very interesting pictures. Keep up the good work.
    Cliff Marcil


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