Saturday, June 04, 2016

Lantzville Water Deal - History

The following appeared on Nanaimo Info Blog in June 2013

Council Agrees To Connect Lantzville
To Nanaimo Water

The decision to sell Nanaimo water to Lantzville was decided at city council with three delegations speaking against the move for a variety of reasons.

Staff were recommending city council approve the deal but there seemed not to be any real supporting studies showing the economics of the move. Lantzville will be paying Nanaimo connection fees and will be buying the water on a metered basis, but whether or not it is to Nanaimo's advantage or disadvantage is not clear.

On general principles I am a little conflicted, of course you want to see your neighbours have quality, potable water at their disposal, but that is a gamble you take when you choose the 'rural' lifestyle with it's tax advantages etc.

Residents of Nanaimo have been told we are running out of water, and we will have a real problem by 2020 if we continue to grow as expected. I recall being told we might even have to build a new dam to meet demand.

Yet, now we have enough surplus to connect our supply to Lantzville. I just wish I had a greater level of trust with decisions coming from city hall, but lately they have done little to support trust. In fact lately, they seem hell-bent on destroying that last remnants of trust I might have had.

Mayor Ruttan was absent from the meeting for this matter as he lives in Lantzville and would clearly be in conflict. Councillors Kipp, Bestwick and McKay opposed the deal with the balance of council in favour.

The following appeared on Aug. 12 2014

Three Councillors Pass Lantzville Water Deal

In spite of Councillor Bestwicks attempts to postpone the decision on the Lantzville water agreement until all councillors were present, the motion to finalize the deal was passed by a 3 - 2 margin.

Councillors Brennan, Kipp and Anderson were not present and Mayor Ruttan had to leave chambers as he is in conflict as he lives in Lantzville. Councillors Bestwick and McKay opposed the motion while Councillors Greves, Johnstone and Pattje voted in favour.

So there you have it with a one vote margin we have entered into what will be at least a 40 year agreement that will see Lantzville able to hook up to Nanaimo water for very favourable rates.



  1. Soon enough we will be one larger community stretched along this little island paradise.

    Eventually we will have to share resources, AND the costs to sustain them.

    no biggie, this !

    1. Yes, THIS IS a BIGGIE!

      Lantzville wants, and anyone else up and down the island - then they can pay their share for all our infrastructure and reservoirs and our brand spanking new almost $100 million water treatment plant!

      NO free ride down Nanaimo's water flume.


  2. bringing them onboard ensures they share costs going forward and
    that's enough for me.

    you want us to refuse them, and shoulder future maintenance costs etc… alone ?

    shortsighted dude :-(
    I am sure we will come up with equitable $$ solutions in time.


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