Monday, July 11, 2016

Beban Park Pool Annual Maintenance Shut down

Pool and weight room closed July 19 - Aug. 22

A variety of cleaning and maintenance work will be completed this year including touch up painting and regrouting where needed throughout the facility, extensive cleaning of all change room lockers and athletic equipment and replacing any missing tiles in the pools, change rooms and on the pool deck. The pool circulating pumps and heat exchangers will all receive regular maintenance as will the new water features in the leisure pool. And the glass roof in the lobby will be repleaced.

During the closure, patrons are encouraged to enjoy the facilities in Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and lifeguards are on duty daily during the summer at Westwood Lake.

Nanaimo Aquatic Centre will be open during the maintenance shutdown and lifeguards will be on duty from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily at Westwood Lake Park.

"To keep City facilities like pools running at their best, we close them once a year to maintain areas that we can really only access when they are empty. Things like giving the pool itself a good scrub and replacing the filters helps to keep it running well for years to come."  -  Damon Johnston City of Nanaimo



  1. And if it is not being used much for 3 months in the summer...shut 'er down as staff suggest. Those who whine likely hardly use it anyway. If they do, let 'em pay the difference to keep it running.

  2. Something happened to someone's cornflakes.
    Could be the numbers show as being down each summer has something to do with it being closed for a month each summer. Lot's of folks have been using Beban long before the south end pool existed, and pay to use it. Everyone doesn't need all the bells and whistles of the newer facility. Other than south side residence, access to NAC is place for north end folk to get on the parkway and arrive at the pool. Access is not that simple otherwise. Beban is an old, basic, functional facility. Nothing pretty but it works for a lot of people.


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