Saturday, July 02, 2016

City Responds Quickly To Potential Danger

Photo credit: Councillor Gord Fuller's Fb

'DANGER' Sign installed at auxiliary spillway

The city quickly responded to the potential danger that the new spillway created when local folk discovered a great new place to jump into deep water from height. It seems the million dollar engineering job didn't take that possibility into account.

It is rather ironic that the spillway which arguably was put in to solve a non-existent danger, created a very real danger that did not exist prior to it being built.

This spillway will be a monument for generations to come to bureaucratic pigheadedness, council ineptness and taxpayer apathy. I guess the final cost for this colossal waste of tax dollars is still unknown, these signs may not be the final solution, as people can be quite determined when they find a new way to have fun.

I suspect an equally fun, safe solution could have been funded in the park ages ago before we blew off ten million tax dollars on an imaginary risk cooked up someplace in the bowels of city hall.



  1. A 42 in. high steel fence. That's not going to keep kids off the diving platform on the new spillway.
    Worse still is a potential fall from the new bridge. It is 20.5 ft from the top of the rail. A person's head falling that distance onto concrete has over a 60% chance of death.

  2. Nanaimo's expensive answer to Disneyland. Now where are those gators!

  3. It's nothing short of incompetence and irresponisble of the City and its consultants to build such a safety hazard in a small recreational park, where anybody with half a brain, would know kids hang out and play. I sincerely hope nothing serious happens but if it does the City may be sued and end up with a huge financial liability. Just MHO.......
    Cliff Marcil

  4. I don't understand why we didn't cover it in the first place?

  5. I wonder if the city can bill the province for the cost of constant security since it was the province that pushed for the thing to be put in by Holders influence.


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