Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dale Schulz NANAIMO - 'As he sees it' - July 11/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

To view all images click image above.

Dale's Post - July 11/16

A bunch of photos today folks! The light kept changing and Indy and I covered a lot of ground so I got some different shots today - though I apologize in advance for YET MORE photos of boats in the harbour and our beautiful Downtown and Waterfront!

In Harewood I got a photo of some beautiful apples on Winchester Avenue.

On Bastion Street (downtown) I shot some views of the older buildings on the street - mostly upper corners of said buildings.

Then come the three waterfront shots - boats (again) in a calm harbour; The Coast Bastion Hotel in a golden light; and the Bastion ready for visitors. While I was down there I also took another shot of the water lilies on Cameron Island.

In the South End I got a picture of poppies and other flowers on Finlayson Street and an ‪#‎abandonedsofa‬ on the same block.

On Milton Street just off Nicol Street I photographed an ‪#‎abandonedchair‬with shopping carts.
On the lane between Victoria Road and View Street I got pictures of a brightly painted trashcan and a lovely old shed wall and door.


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