Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dale Schulz - NANAIMO 'As he sees it' - July 19/16

Lifelong Nanaimo resident, professional artist and illustrator Dale Schulz 'sees' much of Nanaimo many of us simply walk by without giving a second thought.

Through the eyes of an artist the everyday can become almost magical and with a few simple photos of his daily walks, Dale captures and shares some of that magic on his Facebook page.

The following is the most recent example of what Dale sees when he walks about our lovely seaside community many of us just take for granted.

schulz july 19

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Dale's Post - July 19/16
I didn't get a LOT of photos this morning folks but Indy and I had a good walk and we met a few nice people and nice animals - in particular this Congo African Gray parrot. It was outside of Javawocky where Indy and I stop for coffee and treats - this bird is 21 years old and very well-behaved and Indy liked the fact that she dropped muffin crumbs while she ate - Indy was obliged to help clean up!

On the waterfront we met a new Resident to Nanaimo - Bob - and I took a picture of one of his dogs - Franky.


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