Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Headline Brings Storm Of Protest

Personal plea from anonymous nurse

I cannot even emphasize this enough: if you are a recreational drug user or a hardcore addict, there is fentanyl in EVERYTHING. If you think it can't take you out, think again. Seriously think again. Between the recent losses I've had of people who I personally know, I work in the ER and we see fentanyl overdoses ALL.THE.TIME. We only see people who are actually alive and make into the ER.

So if you think that doing a little ecstasy or coke or GHB will be fine because you're not doing what you think is heroin, THINK AGAIN. I have narcanned people who have come in near death from smoking pot.

And note: even if someone does make it after an overdose, it's not uncommon that they have a brain injury due to lack of oxygen or other life-destroying injuries like limb removal and organ destruction.

I'm not one to say, "Don't do drugs." I'm not one to preach abstaining from drugs generally because it's historically it's been an ideological push against drugs. Right now there is NO safety. Fentanyl is everywhere and it is deadly.

"Regular", "non druggy" social users are constantly dying. This is a f**king epidemic.

Interesting response from Nanaimo pot smokers

The headline warning that a joint laced with fentanyl can in fact be a death sentence has brought an interesting response from pot smokers thinking this is directed at them!

There have been a few responses on this blog but most of the backlash has occurred on Facebook where the article also appears.

Seems that any time there is the suggestion that smoking pot might have a down side, there is an almost religious fanatical response from a certain sector.

The fact is that the person these people have been buying from for years are not the folk that would lace pot with fentanyl seems to completely blind them to the fact that there are folk in the drug business who would do just that.

The warning that even what appears to be a harmless joint might in fact be a fentanyl carrier is something these folk would like to shout down with charges of 'yellow journalism' etc.

Just goes to show how feverishly folk will defend their religion if they think there is even the remotest chance someone might challenge it.

The warning about fentanyl clearly is not directed to the pot smokers buying from their trusted pot dealer, but is directed at those who are buying on the street or in bars from people who may also be interested in recruiting some new harder drug users.

A few months ago the local Health Inspector said they are seeing 1.6 deaths each week this year in Nanaimo, and those deaths are all drug related.


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  1. I don't get the storm of protest? People are dying and now some drug dealers are adding Fentanyl to pot! The storm of protest is coming from recreational pot smokers who are having a hard time believing what a nurse that works in the ER exclusively is seeing first hand and now is speaking out about! This nurse is now getting criticized from the people she is trying to help, she is being called a lair!
    I like most people think it is about time that weed is legal but can not ignore that it is being mixed by some people and drug dealers with fentanyl! The people criticizing this article and nurse for doing the right thing should be ashamed!


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