Sunday, July 31, 2016

Downtown Nanaimo Development - 10 Church St.

Development 10 Church St. Nanaimo

If you have been past 10 Church Street lately you can't help but notice that the only thing remaining of the old building is the brick facade on two sides of a doorway. The building permit for this site is for the development of a three storey building with a total floor area of 7500 square feet.

It is reasonable to assume the brick walls remaining will be incorporated into the new building retaining some of the character of the original structure. You do have to wonder if it would not have been just as easy to demolish the whole structure and build from scratch.

You may recall that this was the long time home of a shop which specialized in marine charts for the west coast. At one time this was 'the' place for mariners to stop and get their charts as they proceeded through local waters on their way north. In recent years that business slowly changed and the previous owner finally closed and sold their building.

The building is now owned by Real Estate Webmasters who originally had taken out a permit to just do some minor renovations to the building. 

The picture below is the old Free Press building which in recent years was also renovated by Real Estate Webmasters founder Morgan Carey.


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  1. good, gotta like activity in the core !

    make sure we put something in there that works


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