Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nanaimo Council Re-organizes Committees

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Nanaimo City Council has taken an important and strategic step forward following their July 11 decision to re-organize committees.  After a review of the previous committee structure, Council has decided to:

  • Retain five existing committees
  • Terminate seven committees
  • Convert one committee to a sub committee
  • Terminate one committee, but retain and reassign members
  • Amalgamate two committees into one, with members retained 
  • Reconstitute three committees, and
  • Create two new committees

For a full listing of committee names and changes, visit the city website HERE.

The changes introduced to the City Committee structure include a number of benefits including, opportunities for integration across areas of common interests and the inclusion of focus areas like environment within all committees.

The new committee structure reflects policy recommendations contained in the Core Services Review and from feedback from the public. Committee members will consider additional forms of input as they resume their work.

The first order of business for all returning, revised, amalgamated or new committees is to consider their terms of reference and report back to Council with a clear mandate and operating guidelines.


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