Saturday, July 09, 2016

Not The Tourist Press Nanaimo Needs

This blog like the other local media recently reported on the torching of four vehicles. RCMP are investigating but haven't made any progress. That is a nutshell is what local media, this blog included reported on the incident.

However, the CBC report that the senseless torching of vehicles put an abrupt end to a Yukon couples holiday which included a couple of weeks in Nanaimo, before heading east. They were spending the night in a cabin on Shack Island having left their van in a parking lot on the Island. They were awoken in the night by the neighbours alerting them to the fire of their van. They rowed across the Bay and sure enough, the smoldering remains of the Westfalia Van was their vehicle.

They are waiting to hear from insurance as to whether they will be buying another van or just a car to continue their trip.

This CBC story has been picked up and run on Yukon Radio stations,Yahoo News, RV  Daily Report and many other news feeds across the Internet.

The point of the CBC story that struck a cord with me was the fact that many people from the Yukon had sent offers of support saying "The famous generosity of Yukoners seems to be coming to the fore".

It struck me that if local media had reported this incident as the CBC did, then perhaps the famous generosity of Nanaimoites might also have come to the fore.

In any case this is not the type of publicity we need being spread far and wide. Perhaps this couple might experience some of Nanaimo's famous generosity, now that we know there is a bit more to this story than local media has reported.


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