Friday, July 01, 2016

NRGH 'Hospital in Crisis' - Paperless Record System

An article in the Cowichan Valley Citizen quotes the head of Island Health as saying ; "It’s not that we don’t agree there are real concerns,” he said. “We don’t think what the doctors are proposing will fix that"

This was in response to a vote of non-confidence in the iHealth paperless record keeping system currently in place at NRGH. Doctors are claiming that the system has created a 'hospital in crisis' and were looking for the suspension of the system until issues can be rectified.

Island Health instead has opted to keep the system operating while addressing staff fatigue and boosting staff confidence in the system.

Clearly this is a situation that the public should be deeply concerned about as medical staff are claiming life threatening errors being created by errors in the system.


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  1. The Doctors have spoken as a group. Patients are in danger because of the new computer system. VIHA must be held accountable now if there are deaths resulting from their system. They should be prosecuted in a court of law if death result. VIHA has too much power, and no responsibility. Madeline A. Bruce, RPN


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