Friday, July 08, 2016

Outstanding Property Taxes Attract Penalties

5% Penalty Now Levied
5% Penalty Levied Aug. 11

Be sure to apply for Home Owner Grant

The 2016 Property Tax due date has passed and the City of Nanaimo wants to remind residents that a second penalty of 5 per cent will be applied to any outstanding current tax balance after August 11, 2016. If you are eligible and haven't already done so, don't forget to claim your Home Owner Grant. Penalties are applied to unpaid taxes or unclaimed Home Owner Grants in accordance to Provincial Legislation. With a potential Canada Post service disruption, the City may not be sending out Outstanding Property Tax notices.

Nanaimo residents are encouraged to sign up for MyCity in order to have online access to their tax accounts. You can even have your notices sent to you by email to avoid any Canada Post service disruptions. Sign up at

"Not claiming your Home Owner Grant by the due date is one of the main causes of incurring a penalty for unpaid taxes. If you are eligible and have not claimed the Grant yet this year, please claim it by August 11th to avoid the second 5 per cent penalty."  -  Diane Hiscock - City of Nanaimo 

As of July 8/16 approximately 94% of all property taxes have been paid.


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