Friday, July 29, 2016

Watch Winds At The Beach

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Watch the winds and current at the beach

The other day while at Pipers Lagoon which was enjoying one of our famous Nor Westers blowing up at a good clip a young fellow was noticed paddling about near the shore in this small inflatable.

He was neither wearing a lifejacket, nor did he have paddles in the small craft. He was happily paddling about using his hands for propulsion enjoying himself until he realized he was being blown away from shore faster than he could paddle towards it.

Luckily for the hapless sailor his mother and another adult were able to swim to his aid and between them provided the power necessary to make shore. Moments later while still playing with his little boat near shore he let go of it for a moment and the above little clip is the last it was seen. Next stop the mainland?

Moral of the story? You can find yourself in real trouble, very fast if you are not aware of the power of wind and waves, even on a nice sunny day at the beach.


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