Friday, September 02, 2016

That's All Folks

Taking the month of August away from the drama of Nanaimo politics and the repetition of the same series of events every year has proven to be habit forming.

I believe the last civic election brought some positive changes to city hall with the exception of the choice for Mayor and the division I feel he engendered on this council. That gave us the continued waste of tax dollars at the Colliery Dam Park, much bickering and backroom brawling that has not been healthy for the community. A city councillor threatening the rest of council with legal action over the choice of a new city manager which gave rise to many wasted tax dollars spent on legal opinion.

In my opinion there are many positive changes at city hall but will take more time to see the full benefit of those changes. Those changes are being resisted by different political forces in the city who have been accustomed to controlling that big fat purse at city hall for many moons now. Whether they will be able to recapture their position come next election will be a drama worth watching.

In the meantime, I have become quite comfortable with having a mind not consumed with the goings on at city hall and now am turning my attentions to more pleasant and rewarding endeavours.

This blog will be left in place for some time perhaps serving as an archive of city events in some small way.



  1. It's unfortunate for Nanaimo that we are losing another way to " vent " our frustrations about the goings on in Nanaimo. Thanks Jim. Hope you run for Councillor in the next election.

  2. You provide better and wider ranging information than any other news source. Why not reconsider.

  3. Jim, I am very, very sorry to see this go.

    There are NO other actual news sources in the city - blog, print nor radio.

    Another blog has sprung up here and another there which fantasize to call themselves such but are mere biased opinion ranters with an obvious chip and the news release passers who spin their deceptions from their pet politicians and backers or are likely paid to so. Fortunately, Nanaimo sees through all the loose screws who defecate on the web.

    It truly is a sad day for journalism with your apparent last write. The last actual even-balanced news source in Nanaimo is fading into the sunset.


  4. Jim, your efforts have always been appreciated. there really is no doubting the fact that Nanaimo is cursed to have the most incompetent of individuals become mayor and for us all to have to live through the constant ego maniacs of councillors like Brennan. We really live in a pathetically immature political climate, and our fair city continues to suffer for it.
    The mayor and his cronies should be ashamed of themselves - the only successes they can point to is driving good people away from this cursed place.

  5. Sorry to see you sign off Jim, hopefully you will reconsider after more of a break. Your blog is important to many, often beating the newspaper at their own game. I know it's a ton of work and if your heart isn't in it anymore, it's a tough slog when there's no pay cheque every two weeks. I enjoyed reading your many posts more often than not, so thanks for the years of effort you put in.

  6. Jim: Say it isn't so.... Take a longer break, if needed, but DO NOT leave us in the lurch.

  7. Jim. I hope you enjoy your time away from the lunacy of the mayor and his side kick Brennan. Sincerely hope you take the time to recharge your batteries and be ready to help in the changes necessary at the next municipal election. We may have not always agreed on things but I certainly respected your opinions. Take care of yourself.

  8. Noooooooooooooo...don't go Jim! This blog has been the only source of unbiased news in the city.

  9. So sorry to see you go Jim. You provided a balanced dialog on the often strange and frustrating goings on in this City. Enjoy your retirement away from your blog and I hope we continue to see your commentary in one form or another.

  10. Sorry to see you go Jim! I totally agree with Darragh. Your commentary will be missed. Enjoy your time away.

  11. You have provided a great deal of information and valuable commentary. Going to miss it. Thanks


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