Monday, January 30, 2017

Nanaimo Gas Prices - Motorists Hosed Again

Nanaimo Gas Prices 

Nanaimo gas stations continue to hose motorists with their continuing inflated prices. Perhaps the local gasoline retailers have just become accustomed to a captive market and whether there is any real competition is another factor that may contribute to our reputation of having the highest priced gas on the Island. Let's not put that in our tourist brochures!

Tell me again, why Costco in Nanaimo was not allowed to sell gasoline?? Wonder if that was the product of one of Nanaimo's special influence groups at city hall?? Just sayin'.

Following prices taken from Gas Buddy at 10:00 am January 30/17.

Victoria 114.9

Duncan 112.9

Comox 109.9

Nanaimo 120.9

Calgary 91.9

Toronto 99.9

Ottawa 96.9



  1. Because they can, they screw us. There is no justification for the huge difference in price. There is no competition in Nanaimo. Does anyone know how many separate owners there are of the stations in Nanaimo? They seem to be in cahoots.

  2. the main fault lies with Co-op in my opinion .... they have the majority of the market here and simply claim to follow the market.... IE .... if some other station raises prices we will follow....


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