Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RCMP Officers Suffer Smoke Inhalation

Help Evacuate Tenants
3 Nanaimo RCMP officers suffered smoke inhalation early this morning while removing tenants from an apartment fire. The fire was reported at approximately 3 am on Wednesday January 11th, 2017 at the Willow Grove Estates, located at 501 6th St in Nanaimo.

Upon arrival they saw that the entire south west side of the apartment complex was on fire. The officers entered the building prior to the arrival of Fire Crews to assist with the evacuation of tenants. Inside the  building they located an elderly male who was having difficulty walking. The officers carried him out of the building to safety. 

Fire Crews were able to contain the fire and the majority of the occupants were later allowed back into the building. The officers suffered various degrees of smoke inhalation and were taken to local hospital for an assessment. Two were released after being examined while one remained for several hours. This officer has since been released. No injuries were reported to occupants of the building.

Investigators with both the Nanaimo RCMP and City of Nanaimo Fire and Rescue are examining the scene and the investigation remains active


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