Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Cruise Ship Season - Vancouver Island

Nanaimo Cruise Ship Schedule 2017
6 ships at Nanaimo terminal

Victoria Cruse Ship Schedule 2017
220+ ships at Ogden Point this year
 victoria crusie ships 2017
Click image to view complete 2017 schedule

It comes as no surprise that Victoria's cruise ship business continues to boom while Nanaimo's cruise ship business barely seems to sputter.

Since opening, the Nanaimo cruise ship terminal has never hosted as many ships as we did when they had to anchor in the harbour and bring passengers in via tender. This could have nothing to do with the terminal itself, but rather the fact that as much as we don't like to hear it, Nanaimo may simply not be a very attractive tourist destination.

We are just kidding ourselves if we think we can honestly compete with Victoria as a destination location for vacationers wanting to see beautiful British Columbia. We have/had a clean, interesting little downtown to stroll through, but hardly anything to write home about. Yes, we do have a waterfront walkway, but it really does pale compared to the Victoria inner harbour. Those with understanding of the cruise ship business realize you need more than a state of the art dock if you are going to gain reputation as a 'must-do' place in the cruise ship business.

With the upcoming referendum on building an $80 million event centre one has to wonder if the comparisons made with Victoria might be as invalid as comparing our cruise ship business with Victoria.

Just an idle thought, from an idle mind.


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