Friday, March 31, 2017

Bombardier Execs Raise Eyebrows

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After receiving a $1 billion investment from the Quebec government last year (in exchange for 49% ownership) and a federal loan for $372.5 million, the top five executives for the company got a 50% pay raise!

I am a free enterprise, right winger, but this seems like the Canadian taxpayer (where Quebec and Ottawa get their cash) is being fleeced by this 'too big to fail' company. When you consider the PM and the feds concern over Bombardier compared with the state of the oil patch, it certainly should raise a few eyebrows. Shades of PET for those old enough to remember.

The top five at Bombardier saw their income jump from $21.9 million to a mere $32.6 million while the company is eliminating 14,500 jobs. The CEO saw his income increase from $6.4 million to $9.5 million. 

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