Monday, March 13, 2017

Calls for Councillor Resignations ........

Legitimate comment or political gamesmanship??

As soon as the referendum results were known with a resounding rejection, calls of non confidence and resignation of councillors surfaced across social media.

It is certainly legitimate criticism of this counil's apparent disregard for the opinion of voters, given the results of their own surveys which clearly showed a lack of support for a taxpayer funded centre. The expenditure of at least one million dollars trying to drive this project, while not as expensive, is somewhat reminiscent of the Colliery Dams debacle. In that case the council of the day and city staff were willing to spend whatever it took to get rid of the dams, remember?

I expect in the coming days and weeks you will see those with political aspirations stepping up to the mic demanding resignations and bi-elections which of course they would gladly fill.

One test I would apply to any would-be replacement councillors is what their position was when this council asked the sitting mayor to resign. Where were they when the Mayor went against election promises and did a complete 180 on the matter of the Colliery dams.

At the risk of invoking the wrath of those opposed to Trump, there is more than one swamp that needs draining in the land of the established political machines.



  1. I actually am one of the ones (Morgan Carey) that called for resignations and to be clear - I think the ENTIRE group (including the mayor) needs to go. I have less against Bill than the rest, but the current regime has failed together and all should share in the responsibility. I'd also like to state that I have absolutely zero interest in political office (if that was the inference of the post)

    Drain the swamp, dam, whatever you want to call it - just make sure you take all of them (and the city manager with them) - I'm all for it!

    1. Bang on Mr Carey! In my opinion this council and current CAO have no clue as to what they are elected and hired for. They spend way too much time arguing, threatening each other with defamation or other litigation, even to the extent of starting litigation against the mayor, needlessly and wrongfully interrupting delegations with "points of order", making self interest political speeches and statements (most times running at the mouth) after most delegations, putting on displays of body language and even outright verbal outbursts (BITE ME!) during council meetings, meeting incamera so frequently, and constantly acting as if they are experts in everything while ignoring the input of folks who have expertise and qualifications, etc etc. The entire group of kids needs to be put in a different sandbox where they can play their silly childish games without affecting city business and running up costs to the tax payer. Get rid of all the apples because there are too many rotten ones among the bunch.

  2. I agree with Mr. Carey as well! Get rid of the bunch of them and let us have an election!


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