Friday, March 24, 2017

DNBIA Dissolution ------ what's up here??

Where's the money & assets??
Does this pass the smell test??

The other night the board of the DNBIA presided over a membership meeting which saw the membership vote to dissolve the organization. Blaming the city for not providing matching funding is being given as the reason for not being able to carry on, it has nothing to do with the management of the organization.

The membership was provided with a copy of last years financial statement (ending June/16) and an unsigned budget which shows funding to date. There was not however, a proper financial statement presented for the period from July 1 2016 to the date of dissolution.

It was also disclosed that the sum of $25,000 had been set aside for some purpose and that the hard assets of the society had been given away by the members of the board without any accounting to either the membership or the City of Nanaimo.

Nanaimo taxpayers have a stake in this little drama

The DNBIA has for many years benefited from a grant which matched the BIA levy courtesy of Nanaimo taxpayers. It could therefore be argued that the Nanaimo taxpayer has an interest in any funds that have not been used for operations as well as any of the physical assets owned by the society.

Hopefully some of our Councillors will look into this matter in the interest of protecting the interests of Nanaimo taxpayers.

A few questions:

  • Where is the financial statement showing how funds were used from July 1/16 to the date of dissolution?
  • What is the value of the assets that seemingly have been given away at the whim of the board?
  • Are directors personally responsible for any misuse of finances or assets which have been in part paid for by the taxpayers of Nanaimo?
  • Are Nanaimo taxpayers entitled to 50% of the unused operating funds, and 50% of the value of the assets held by the society?


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  1. Nanaimo is not a place that is neither active nor welcoming, but offers a passionate view and recommendations for revitalizing downtown Nanaimo.
    The problem is both the business and the citizens of Nanaimo. Many businesses are family run, operated and employed. In most cases I find their hours of operations geared towards the business owner’s lifestyle not of the customers. Many businesses are not open when I am open. This is the conundrum with the Island lifestyle, relaxing free spirit lifestyle.
    As an example, I recently spent the day on the waterfront to enjoy Hometown Hockey. I arrived at 2pm, the height of the event; but was able to find ample parking at the waterfront/seaplane parking arcade. Speaking with the parking attendant, few people were willing to pay the $2.50 parking fee for two hours, expecting it to be free. Really? Many Namaimoites have both a RV and Boat parked at their home, and cars congesting the street and they can’t figure were to find $2.50 for parking.
    Suggesting extensive marketing to attract the uninterested and a cheap demographic to the awesome downtown core is a mistake. If DT was interesting and linked up to the lifestyle, you would be beating customers off with a paddle. I don’t know how many times I have showed up to a DT restaurant where they have closed, offered poor service or lack service that I was willing to give even more of my money to them. But to spend more of my money, I would practically have to beg for service.
    I recently attended a WHL Kelowna Rockets game in Kelowna (I spend half my time in the Okanagan for work). Kelowna has similar population to Nanaimo and major highway running through it. The Rocket’s game was a sellout of 8,000 people buying expensive drinks, meals and snacks. I am sure many went to local restaurants and bars prior and after the event. Never being to a game before in Kelowna, I drove and found a street parking spot easily as I also do in Nanaimo.
    The problem isn’t with the great experiences one can find in Nanaimo, DT Nanaimo or throughout this community; the community and business owners aren’t interested in investing their time experiencing it. Instead of being the core hub of visitors that get off a ferry, seaplane or plane, visitors race to their next destination in Tofino, Campbell River or elsewhere.
    Before spending money to attract the community, get the community engaged with events. I do agree regular events DT provide a great family experience and develop a relationship with the citizens participating. I’ve been here 11years, and I know I have travelled and experienced more of Vancouver Island and its islands than most of the people have who lived here for a life time. I don’t make more money than most. It is different priorities and Van Isle people don’t realize the true experiences with their limited lifestyle expectations. So nothing gets better and the solution is wasteful spending.


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