Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Events Center PROJECT MANAGER - $75,000


One definition of a Project Manager is: the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

Given there was no particular project needing planning or executing until after Nanaimo taxpayers approved financing for the project it begs the question: why did staff ask for and council approve spending $75,000 on one three weeks before the referendum?

As witnessed by Ms Samra's comments Mr. Mema was given credit for organizing the various elements necessary to support the case for investing $80 million in an event centre on the Wellcox property. The case had been fully presented to the public by the time a request was made for the $75K for a project manager, so I repeat, without a project to manage, just what was the purpose of this hire?

I await a response to my query of Mayor and Council.



  1. The real answer:
    The project manager was hired because the Fumbling Five councillors instructed staff to do this. They wanted to show the public that this project was a done deal as well as to use another paid consultant to help "sell" this project to the "dumb" and "unsuspecting" public. It's only tax dollars!

    1. I agree. They were so arrogant, that they could not believe that Nanaimo citizens would vote no!


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