Friday, March 10, 2017

'Grow Up' - Councillor Hong's Advice to Nanaimo

"Oh Nanaimo ...... when will you grow up"

As the battle for an event centre draws to a close, staunch supporter and downtown businessman, Councillor Jerry Hong seems to be scolding any Nanaimo resident that doesn't happen to agree with him on the expenditure of $100,000,000.00 in taxpayer revenue.

In a Facebook post the Counillor and owner of the Queen's Hotel posted a link to an article singing the praises of a new casino that is opening in Penticton. The tie in of course is that it is because of Pentictons event centre that the community is benefiting from the building of this new casino.

In what comes across as a condescending and scolding attitude, Hong admonishes Nanaimo taxpayers to 'Grow Up'. He goes on to sing the praises of revenue that flows from casinos and makes reference to bingo halls as well. It would seem Hong sees the gaming business as the way of the future for Nanaimo? He seems to loose sight of the fact that some of that Casino money is supposed to go to help those people who are problem gamblers.

The reference to the Penticton arena did not make mention of the fact they built their arena with a $40 million long term loan, and a $9 million government grant, and casino money for ten years etc. etc.

Obviously Hong is a strong supporter of a new event centre, that arguably could see his business get quite a boost and seems of the opinion that anyone not sharing that view needs to simply 'Grow Up'.



  1. If Mr. Hong is so in love with Penticton, maybe his outlook would improve if he moved! I'm sure the immature citizens of Nanaimo would be willing to help him pack.

  2. Time for a scruples check Mr. Hong: read the city's conflict of interest policy and realize that you should have taken a pass on participating in the decision to go to referendum, let alone cheerleading for the "yes" side.

    Now that it's obvious that a big chunk of those who are voting have no stomach for what will amount to at least a quarter billion dollar expenditure over 20 years (including cost overruns the city magically pretends will not happen) and for a building that will sit empty for at least two-thirds of any given year, you put on a rather juvenile display of frustration. The person who needs to grow up is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

  3. My memory of this event center will be carried forward when I vote NO to re-elect mayor and council in the 2018 elections


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