Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Storm Clouds For Canada/US Trade?

 Trade Talks

This Huffpost article suggests Canada could be in for some tougher negotiations with our largest trading partner going forward. Given 75% of our exports go to the USA this could have a serious impact on our already stumbling economy. Lumber is also a commodity that will be looked at, which could have serious impacts in BC.

We have a PM who campaigned on a deficit budget which has exploded under his watch. It was presented as going to fund much needed infrastructure projects from coast to coast. I don't recall the last time I heard of any of this projects actually seeing shovels going into the ground.

There has however been funding for police in foreign countries and more recently over half a billion for women's health care issues world wide. Our PM was also the focus of a Brazilian magazine and Amnesty International recently, the former blasting him as a "narcissistic" pretty boy who is soft on terror. 


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