Thursday, April 20, 2017

Councillor Gordon Fuller Appointed To RDN

Municipal Director Appointment 
to the Regional District of Nanaimo Board

With the resignation of Wendy Pratt from Nanaimo City Council on April 7, 2016, and the associated vacancy her resignation created on the Board of Directors for the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), the City wishes to inform the public that Councillor Gordon Fuller – in the capacity of an appointed alternate director – has been automatically appointed as Ms. Pratt’s replacement until such time as Council formally appoints a new director. 

This decision is pursuant to Section 200 of the Local Government Act which states that if the seat of a municipal director becomes vacant through resignation, the alternate director becomes the municipal director until a new director is appointed. New appointments to the RDN Board of Directors occur annually, typically between the months of October through early November. Council will be considering this timing given the pending by-election. 

The RDN was notified of this development on April 12, 2017.


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