Friday, April 07, 2017

Councillor Pratt Tenders Resignation

Councillor Wendy Pratt resigns her position of Nanaimo City Councillor. Her resignation was accepted by City Corporation Officer Ms. Sheila Gurrie who will advise Council on next steps.


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  1. What a biased and disgusting facebook site: Bitter Nanaimo. No one commenting how bad Coun. Pratt was, especially why she resigned! The whole town and the crackpot "non-jounalist" know who is being investigated by the police and why we now need a by election. The council score is now 5-3 little minds - heading for 5-2 after the parallel investigation is complete! The bad apples ar being thrown away! Hahahha. Now who's laughing and who's afraid to comment and reveal the truth and more to the resignation!


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