Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fuller's RDN Appointment The Right Choice

Fuller Clearly Has Voter Confidence

It should come as no surprise that in the continuing battle for city hall supremacy there is an effort to promote Councilor Brennan into the RDN seat vacated by Pratt's resignation.

That however flies in the face of RDN seats being appointed based on voter confidence as expressed at the ballot box on election day.

Past experience does not trump voter confidence as was demonstrated when George Anderson was appointed to the RDN based on ballot box count and not experience.

To the question of experience trumping votes, that is a spurious argument as experience does not prove voter confidence in the performance of duties. A more accurate measure of evaluating performance was demonstrated at the ballot box which saw Councilor Brennan fall from 7885 votes in 2011 to 6547 votes in 2014. 

I suspect there will be another spurious argument put forward by some suggesting this is a gender biased issued pointing to accusations of misogyny on city council. Such charges are likely directed at Councilor Kipp for his outburst directed at ex-councilor Pratt, although I suspect a case for the same charge could be levelled at the Mayor for his treatment of the city manager.

Ahhh Nanaimo politics........ can't imagine why I want to have a long hot shower.  


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