Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nanaimo By-Election July 8 Being Considered

Steps to fill the vacant seat left by resigned City Councillor, Wendy Pratt, got underway Monday, April 10 with Nanaimo City Council considering July 8 as the date to hold the required by-election. The proposed date takes into account various upcoming events, including the provincial election in May, summer holidays and facility bookings.

To administer the election process, a total budget of $150,000 has been recommended, with a final cost of between $130,000 to $150,000 expected.

More information concerning the forthcoming by-election, including details on how to run as a candidate, how to register to vote and where to vote will be published over the next several weeks.

All the costs of the by-election will be borne by the City unlike the cost sharing during a general election. The School District shares with the City in the cost of a general election.

Staff are recommending that the City appoint the required Chief Election Officer on April 24/17. This is required under the Local Government Act.

"Staff have begun taking steps to prepare for the upcoming by-election this July. I encourage everyone to watch for future updates and information between now and voting day." Sheila Gurrie Corporate Officer City of Nanaimo



  1. After 80% of Nanaimo voters voted NO to that Events Centre, it is time to do some Spring housecleaning with this whole City Council!

    1. You'll have to wait until the general civic election (Nov 2018) for that. This is a by-election, to replace one person.

    2. Make Wendy Pratt pay for it. She caused the upheaval that made her resign (in disgrace when news comes put)


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