Saturday, April 01, 2017


can you guess which one??

The recent revelation that a special prosecutor has been assigned to an RCMP investigation focused on Nanaimo City Council apparently was not an April fools joke. Apparently the CJB is not in the habit of being funny.

It is now reported that a member of this Council was actually placed under arrest, and then released with conditions. 

Speculation of course centers on the likelihood that Mayor McKay would have been the one under arrest, since he was the person accused of several serious actions late last year. However, the absence of Wendy Pratt from council chambers of late does raise the speculation that she, perhaps is the member of council in question.

Of course none of this will be made public with an ongoing investigation in process, but it does make for some interesting speculation. The idea that either our Mayor or one of our councillors was actually placed under arrest is just one more chapter in the history of this council led (or not) by Bill McKay.


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  1. Disgusting to see the spin-doctoring on some websites - blaming all of council for the bullying of two: JUST TWO!

    Would it be an April Fool's joke if the two were in the minority - NONE of the Fab Five!

    We know the mayor is accused of some shady stuff and Ms. Pratt its allegedly away on medical leave...or is it because she cannot be in a meeting room near the victim?


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