Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pratt Resignation Costing Taxpayers $150,000

No explanation given for departure
$150,000.00 By-election 
results from resignation

In what could be called one of the most drama-filled city councils in memory, if not history ex-councillor Wendy Pratt has vacated her seat on council without any explanation given. This was shortly after the revelation that a member of council had been arrested and released on conditions. The member of council was not mentioned but Pratt's resignation begs the question if she in fact was the councillor that was arrested and released? Note this does not mean charged or found guilty as the presumption of innocence applies to all. If she is not the councillor in question it would quell a lot of rumors if she simply made clear why she has vacated her seat.

The Nanaimo rumour mill

One rumour
The local vocals who are opposed to members of this city council are suggesting the blame for Pratt's departure can squarely be laid upon the notion that she was bullied out of the position by other council members. This would be the same vocal locals that are opposed to anything the majority of council are doing these days with the obvious attempt to pave the way for new faces on council in 2018.

There is the suggestion that Pratt is just the innocent in all of this who has been bullied and badgered by other council members being labeled bullies and misogynists and other colourful handles. 

Another rumour
There is another persistent rumour surrounding Pratt's departure which claims she was in fact the member of council who had been arrested as the result of an assault on a city staff member. The conditions for release might include not being able to be present at the staff members place of work. You may recall that Pratt was absent from city hall and council for 'medical' reasons from the time of the arrest until her recent resignation.

The rumor mill supports this scenario with reports of cell phone video capturing the alleged assault and that six members of council witnessed the event and were interviewed by the RCMP.

Silence creates a vaccum

It could be due to the ongoing investigation, or the appointment of a special prosecutor that a veil of secrecy has been thrown over this whole matter. In any case, the lack of a statement leaves the public subject to speculation which has resulted in the two rumours as stated above.

It would be hoped, that the public will not be kept in the dark much longer as to the real reasons that Wendy Pratt quit her position on council resulting in $150,000 being spent on a by-election.



  1. Note to editor: It would be interesting to know why a by-election might cost as much as $150,000. Has the city supplied this information?

  2. PRATT should be forced to pay for the by-election out of her own pocket - as restitution or in place of community service work on the chain gang!


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