Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time To Take Union Donations Out Of Local Politics

One NDP policy easy to agree with

Taking big money out of politics

A BC NDP government will dedicate its first piece of legislation to taking big money out of politics.
We will ban corporate and union donations and set limits on individual contributions.

The above comes directly from the official NDP platform website. Note the connection being made between taking big money out of the process and making political parties more responsive to the average citizen. Clearly making the point that big money has big influence on political decisions on the provincial scene.

The Same Principle Should Apply To Nanaimo Politics

When we have candidates for city council receiving up to 71% of their total funding from unions a fair question would be, 'who are they responsive to?'. When you compare the contracts that CUPE 401 has 'negotiated' with the city of Nanaimo compared with other unions in this very same city, you have to question who the councillors have been responsive and responsible to.

D. Brennan got $4250 or 71% of her funding from unions
B. Bestwick  got $5250 or 63% of his funding from unions
B. Yoachim got $6750 or 37% of his funding from unions
W. Pratt got $500 of her funding from unions.

If you check donation disclosure documents of other members of past council's it is undeniable the influence union money can have at city hall.

The NDP (typically very union friendly) admit that banning union donations will make political parties more responsive to the electorate. The same principle should be applied to municipal government politics.

There should also be open disclosure by all candidates as to who is funding them BEFORE election day, so when a ballot is being cast, you know who you are voting for.


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