Tuesday, September 12, 2017


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An article on Nanaimo News Now reports the city hopes to have an affordable housing strategy in place by 2018 for the new council to act upon.

When did this become the responsibility of city hall, and isn't the cost of housing well beyond the control of city hall? It is not hard to see why the city's social planner thinks it is up to the city, it would be called job security on his part. But really, is it the city's responsibility to try and wrestle with such a complex issue? They seem to be challenged just getting the garbage picked up without spending millions and millions more that comes with each 'improvement'.

Affordable housing is a provincial responsibility
local MLA's need to be held accountable

It is recently reported in the Globe and Mail that the NDP are funding 1700 affordable rental units and funding an additional 2,000 units for homeless people. It is also noted that the promised $400 renters rebate was absent from the first NDP budget. Funding for the other 3700 units of affordable housing is available according to their budget.

Our members of the Leg. Mr. Krog and Mr. Routley are members of the ruling class and therefore it is reasonable to expect Nanaimo will receive it's share of the promised affordable housing. For once Nanaimo is represented by the party controlling the purse strings so Krog and Routley will have no excuses for not delivering to the faithful in Nanaimo.

Shouldn't need a city social planner
if our local MLAs do their job

Now that Nanaimo has such strong representation with members of the party committed to affordable housing, there should be little need for a city social planner. It should be expected that Nanaimo will see some of that affordable housing stock in place long before the city has completed their 'plan' on how to deal with affordable housing.

Perhaps it is time for another look at city hall staffing??


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