Friday, April 26, 2019

Different Governance Beginning To Show

 US Economic Growth
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The US economy has grown more than most economists expected in the first quarter of 2019 with a GDP growth of 3.2%

Meanwhile in Canada ........

 Canadian Economy
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The Canadian economy practically came to a halt with a three month growth rate of only 0.1%. Falling oil prices had an impact but the slowdown extended well beyond the energy sector.

Is it possible that relentless tax increases and the effects of the green screamers in Canada are having the desired chilling effect on the Canadian economy? While we continue to import oil on the east coast (which exports Canadian wealth) our own BC government continues to obstruct the sale of our natural resources to the world market? Combine that with crippling tax grabs disguised as climate change taxes and never-ending hoops business has to jump through in Canada and you have the perfect storm which is resulting in a Federal deficit budget of $20 billion this year.
Remember our prime minister said the budget would be balanced in a few years? He also said it would take care of itself.
You might want to ask candidates in the local election how they plan to address our flailing economy. You don't need to ask local Liberal candidate, as her party is already demonstrating how they will deal with the economy, the results are plain for all to see.
The NDP candidate seems to think there is sufficient funds available to provide free meds to all, of course he is not very specific on what the plan will actually cost or where the money comes from. If you believe his 'talking points' you are one of the gullible that should have your voting rights suspended.


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