Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Canadian Gas Prices - Out of Control

That $1.25 Toronto gas price looks pretty good when you consider what we in British Columbia keep having to fork out for at the pumps.

Our fearless premier is striking some kind of task force to investigate the high cost of gasoline in this province. Perhaps there is some merit to the taxpayer group that are offering to send Mr. Horgan a mirror, to help him discover the reason for our high gas prices.

Mr. Horgan's logic does seem a bit sketchy when you consider he is suing to stop a pipeline on the one hand, and then threatening to sue if a pipeline doesn't supply BC.

Canadian political 'leadership' is perhaps one of the biggest crisis we have faced in our nation, since confederation.


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  1. So is it the west coast has the most expensive gas in north america (or darn close to it) Try running a landscaping company with a fleet of vehicles and gas powered equipment. Time to start transitioning more to electric though not sure much better for environment given lithium indutry! Oh well, we persevere:)


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