Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Safe Injection Site Or Shooting Gallery

Safe Injection Sites Point To Island Health Failure

The above video explores the reality of Vancouver's 'safe' injection site and the kind of neighbourhood it creates. The fact the Health Authorities are promoting these as their way of dealing with the addiction epidemic clearly exposes their total inadequacy to provide treatment. Instead, they continue to enable those poor souls caught in the grips of addiction.

Nanaimo will soon add at least one of these sites which likely will only make the problem worse rather than providing a proper treatment regimen to help free these souls from their own personal hell.

Our society seems incapable of dealing with the plague of drug addiction and the crime that follows to support this disease. It is long past time to introduce mandatory drug treatment for those with the disease, and mandatory jail time for the criminals that thrive as parasites on the backs of the victims.


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