Thursday, October 31, 2019

British Columbia Families Hosed At The Pump

Canadian Gas Prices Oct. 31/19

Calgary .90/l
Toronto 1.09/l
Nanaimo 1.47/l

Prices have been rounded up to reflect a whole number for comparison.

Put simply, every 100 litres of gasoline you buy in beautiful British Columbia will cost you a whopping $57.00 more than it would in Alberta. It will also cost you $38.00 more than it would in Toronto.

Do the math ...... if you buy 200 litres of fuel each month you will have $114.00 less in your pocket in B.C. than in Alberta, and $76.00 less than if you lived in Toronto.

How many families living in B.C. would notice a big difference if they had an extra $100.00 or so to spend each month??

Ask your local NDP MLA how much of the pump price is directly related to government taxes and policy. 


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