Thursday, October 03, 2019

Canadian Media Rebranded

Is Liberal $600,000,000.00 media bailout
paying off in non-coverage of real issues?

Some appropriate logo redesigns?

When was the last time 'reporters' asked any real questions of this Prime Minister? His four year fiscal record is being eclipsed by his proposed deficits over the next four years if re-elected.

He is refusing to engage in any meaningful televised debates and is engaged in the age-old practice of promising goodies for everyone, of course he doesn't care that our great grandchildren are being robbed without any input.

That said, the other parties are engaged in the same tactic of promising the moon and stars if they are elected. Of course the boogeyman of climate change has been used effectively to stir everyone up over an emotional issue, no one can control. All the while no one has to deal with tough issues like the Canadian economy and out of control federal spending, landlocked natural resources, foreign investment leaving our country in droves and arguably a disastrous four years of incompetent government.


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