Monday, October 14, 2019

NDP Vote Means Justin Trudeau PM

If you want another four more years of the Liberals then a vote for the NDP will insure that happens.

Sadly, during this election the Canadian voter has little real choice for change. If you are concerned about the spiraling deficits under the Liberals (past four years $20 billion/yr deficits) and four more years of planned deficits, you are faced with very little real choice. A vote for the NDP will just insure another four years of Liberal deficits and the only clear way to avoid that is to vote in a Conservative majority, which is highly unlikely in Canada.

I am old enough now, that I believe I am seeing the end of any semblance of true democracy in this country. On the upside, I won't have to endure it for that many more years. As governments rely more and more on voters who actually believe campaign promises and are now eyeing the 16 year old vote, unfortunately it would appear that Canada will be getting exactly the kind of government we deserve. 

God have mercy.


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