Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Why Is Trudeau Ducking Public Debates???

Are selfies and photo ops 
all it takes to be elected in Canada????
This National Post article chronicles the number of public 'events' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in back in 2016 when riding the crest of his public approvals.

Now after demonstrating his leadership these past four years, it begs the question of why he is ducking meaningful public debates, which are down from 5 during the last election to 2 or 3 (with one in French) where he could be held accountable based on his track record.

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National Post article claims the Canadian public is being denied the opportunity to see Justin Trudeau defend his foreign policy record in a forum that provides substantive and sustained fashion.

Buying Votes With More Deficit Funding
This National Post article shows the cost of the Liberals promises which include running deficits in excess of $20 billion in each of the following four years. This seems to have abandoned the last election promise to balance the budget by 2019.


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