Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Answer To High Cost First Home Ownership

All it takes is some political willpower
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49 Fully serviced homes on 5 acres

This is a project to provide housing to US veterans who are finding themselves either homeless or in danger of being homeless. Hats off to a group of veterans who felt government simply wasn't doing enough for those who have serviced their country. Canada could take a lesson.

While this project is to aid veterans it is a model that could easily provide low cost, first time home ownership to people just getting started. It could also provide affordable housing for seniors trying to fit housing into a limited fixed income. Seniors with equity in their family home could sell that home and move into this type of housing and then not have to decide between taxes, heat or food. This project not only puts 49 houses on 5 acres but it includes a large community center which houses medical services among other amenities.

It could be done if those in 'leadership' were to simply make the necessary zoning changes to allow for this type of development. All it takes is a little bit of common sense and very little bureaucratic interference ................... I must be dreaming.


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