Friday, December 20, 2019

Just How Despicable ICBC & Lawyers Can Be

Claim Sarah Beckett Was To Blame

CTV reported: In ICBC’s statement of facts in the case, the insurance corporation accused Beckett of "failing to keep a proper or any lookout," "failing to see the Defendant's motor vehicle at a reasonable time," "failing to give warning by sounding the horn," and 11 other allegations of neglect.

"The deceased, Const. Sarah Beckett, had a duty of care to the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, and to others using the highway," ICBC initially said in its response to the claim. "The act of colliding with the vehicle operated by the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, and owned by the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, was a breach of that duty."
For those reasons, ICBC argued that it should not have to pay for Beckett's damaged Ford Crown Victoria. By early December, Fenton, the co-defendant in the civil claim, had not yet filed a response to the lawsuit.
ICBC only apologized and reversed their claim after CTV outed them  in a news report. This shows just how contemptible ICBC and their legal team are in their handling of insurance claims. It would make you wonder just how slimy they are when it comes to dealing with the average joe citizen claim?


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